Tuesday, August 24, 2010


...Wow this week went fast...again. D:

SO, tomorrow is transfer day we have are predictions everyone is kind of expecting big things this transfer because we need the following: 1 New AP, 3-4 New Zone Leaders, 1 Elder Trainer, 3 Sister Trainers, and possibly a new secretary. :O Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow night with great interest.

The questions Will I transfer? Probably Not. Will I get a new companion? Probably yes. everyone thinks I'm getting a Korean Companion again so we'll see.

Now last week you saw I gave a very small letter....well...um >.> ....the pics are my excuse *runs*

So basically 2010 is almost at mid point! Holy cow! What happened?

Well I'm low on time so I'll tell you results from last week. Also I load you guys pics.

This week we've been busy as ever, we are preparing 2 investigators right now that are really progressing. Also we got 6 lessons in ONE day. D: I'm actually really tired still from that day and that was on Tuesday. >.> SO yeah this week was really good. We are actually going to meet with Young Man tonight and talk about going to the temple. :D I'm excited. Were doing good, the ward is doing good, and I'm doing ok so it's all good.

Today I'm off to Miryang again because its Elder Morrows b-day so we are all very happy for him. It'll be a blast.

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