Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey family!

Wow, this week went fast and a lot of news to talk about with a little bit of time.

I am no longer Elder Harken for I am 하승진 장로! (Elder Ha Sung Jin) I always wanted a Korean name and this is the outcome pretty cool huh? 승: Victory, 진: Truth 하:....(N/C) So greetings :D I even know the Chinese for it :D Actually I still use my regular "하켄" But now I have a real Korean name. Weeee!

So things were crazy this week! First on Tuesday we had Zone Conference early due to the fact later this month we are having a General Authority come visit us! Elder Ringwood is coming to visit us some time around June 21st. w00t! (Aka Quorum of the 70's)

Also another big announcement is that starting maybe July (maybe unsure yet) We are moving P-Day's BACK to Monday's Meaning: early emails? ....maybe. So yes next month (or next transfer we are switching back) cheers!

Zone Conference was good as always. We've been talking about the new program "To the Rescue" and basically preparation for our new greenies that are coming in August! 13 in August and possibly 5 in September. Quite a number huh? ㅋㅋㅋ

On Wednesday we had a HUGE sports day. All of my Zone came to play with the Masan Stake (My Stake) and it was awesome. They truly put our sports day in our Stake ashamed. (That's a bold statement) It was all day and I''m proud to say I did not get burned at all ha!

Due to the craziness we haven't been able to meet with our baptism candidate but we contact him to see how he is doing. Were really excited.

I have now found a new excitement in studying the scriptures. My Zone Leader and I were talking one night about Gospel studying and literally what we talked about made my gears to start to click. It was really cool and now I have a real excitement to study the scriptures it's kind of thrilling. :D

As the camera goes Elder Grover did take some pics of sport day, but it's with him and I'm on splits right now....so um no pics sorry. But, it sounds to me after talking to dad, "Drop it in the garbage can and buy a new one...." Well, Sister Patterson (my sister missionaries) is good at camera knowledge maybe she can give me a hand. We'll see hopefully I can find a new camera. Hopefully a good but reasonable price. We'll see I'll let you know when I get a new one. :P

Well I must go I love you all!

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