Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Elder Michael Harken's 2nd Email from the MTC

Greetings Fellow people of the outside world!
Yours truly Elder Harken, with 25:00 minutes to write down everything before times runs out!
First and for most thank you all for your prayers and fasting for my sake. They have been a truly remarkable blessing for me to have while trying to learn Korean. But don't think you can stop now cause I'm sort of getting the language.
Bad News first: I am unable to attach ANY usb ports so I can't get any pictures off my drive while I am here in the MTC, sorry. I will send real copies when they come in and send them as what mom calls it "Snail mail"
Good News though: This week has been very good and I feel like time is just flying while I'm here. I know that sounds strange but with my schedule time really does fly.
For you all to know how my day USUALLY goes it goes something like this:
6:30 Wake-up
7:00-7:45 Language study hour
7:45-8:15 Breakfast
8:15-11:30 Korean Class
12:30 Lunch
1:00-5:15 Korean Class
5:30 Dinner
5:30-9:00 Korean Class
9:00-9:30 Planning Session
9:30-10:15 Residence Hall (Home) time
10:30 Lights out!
.....Ya >_> that's usually my schedule for each day. (Accept for Tuesday "P-Day" and Sunday)
But on Sunday we had a great speaker come talk to us Stephen Allen Director of Missionary Work. He talked to us. He's a really funny guy. WAY better than John Bytheway. Ya he was that good. He told us there are 4 phases a missionary will go through:

Phase 1: The honeymoon: love everything
Phase 2: Hostile: I hate everything,
Phase 3 Grin and Bare it: Forget about self and worry for others
Phase 4: Love even more for people around you and the lord.

Yep really good talk, on Sunday we got to watch the Joseph Smith video that is up in Salt Lake! Yeah it was AWESOME to watch again. I demand you family to go and watch it. (And friends too of course.)
Elder De Waal and I have become good friends in the last few days. We taught the first lesson in the TRC (Teaching Resource Center) and it was epic! TRC is a practice place for elders to teach the lessons and learn. We both agreed after watching ourselves that we have to smile >_< And before you ask, it was in English. We can barely do introductions.

ACK! Times running out! On Friday we went to the RC (Referral Center) and talked to people on the phone about the church. I had 4 people hang up the phone on me. ;-; Might as well get use to that feeling XD But no worries I'll get better. It's scary O.O

My Branch President is an awesome guy he talks to us about obedience a lot. You have to be really obedient in his eyes.

I received all your packages O_o WHOA! Thanks for all the goodies. You're making my companion and district extremely jealous. I share just for your info (but the sodas are mine >: |)

Today me and Elder De Waal went to the temple early today (7:20) and had breakfast at the temple O.o why didn't anyone tell me there food was good?! How rude.

Oh I know Ashley you put this on facebook so here's to you friends: Tia, I got your letter and sent you a letter back. Guys I can't write you unless you write me first. (This is me saying I don't know your addresses) So send me a letter and I'll fire one back and write you. But remember the golden rule "Ye who sends a letter, GETS a letter ^_^)

I know my letter seems crazy to read but when you are on a time crunch, you have to write fast! Well g2g to choir see ya, love you all.

Elder Harken

P.S. Rachel I demand a letter from you! >: | (Dear Elder, E-Mail, letter something >: |)

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