Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Michael's First Email from the MTC

Elder Harken here finally being able to write to you guys for the first time for a while. :O Right after you guys left things have gone from crazy to CRAZIER!!! After you guys left I was sent into this room and waited for like 30 minutes and I received all this stuff. I got a bible, BofM, Preach my gospel, 3 books of Korean vocab, and a Korean dictionary!!! O_o; OVERLOAD!!! XD After that I got a key of where I am living right now and I can say it's a small dor- I mean small "Residence Hall" (were not allowed to call it a Dorm)
Afterward we were to go to ours rooms and unpack. When I got out two Elders came up to me and asked me what mission I was serving due to my dot. I responded to Korea and they just jumped up and said they were my Zone Leaders. They asked me where my stuff was and they would give me a hand on taking it to my room COOL! I got there and I was the first to be in the room...first one there + four places to choose = FIRST choice!
While I unpacked and waited for my companion to come I found out I was going to be put into a trio! With Elder De Waal and Elder Routson. When they came I greeted them and they are also going to the Busan mission as well so COOL AGAIN!We got to meet each other and they took a bunk together and I was alone in my own bunk...w00t!
Afterwards we went to dinner...it's fattening! I'm on to those evil demons and trying to make me fat! -.-; But they have soda, milk, all kinds of food and they are all nice. All of us greenies were greeted by the older district team. They are about 6 weeks ahead of us so they are pretty good at korean speaking. They told me that they went from 18 members to about 50-60 I think misisonaries going to Korean speaking missions! O.o Wow there is a lot of us aren't there? XD
Then they brought us mail I had mail. O_o It was from you guys and I thank-you for the letters in my pack they're in my missionary memories book.
Speaking of letters PLEASE continue to write to me. I'm afraid I can't reply to you all till Tuesday. P-Day for us is on TUESDAY. You can't have all missionaries have P-Day on Monday :P I love getting letters from you. Dear Elders, hand-written letters, e-mails etc. Please do, I love them and I love to hear what is going on.
AHHH! 13 more minutes! Must right faster. To give you a quick some up of the week. We have a real down to the minute schedule. I'm probably in class more than a normal college student is O.o I have two teachers right now Brother Murray and Sister Son teaching both Korean. There is about 8 members in our district, but that's all good to me. Smaller the better.
A few days into the MTC one of our members Elder Sung got transfer to a advanced group because he could speak Korean fluently D: LUCKY!!!! Making my trio with my companions to an end. I ended up being put with Elder De Waal and I couldn't be more grateful for him.
This man is an angel from god in my opinion he has helped me more than you guys could imagine. We are actually as soon were done with our letters were going to go to the temple! WEEEE! Afterwards were planning to go to choir practice...yes you heard me I'm going to choir practice. -_-;
Elder De Waal is from Sandy UT. GREAT guy and is truly ready for the work. Me...Iam doing good. :P I pray that I will be strong and I know my testimony will grow. If you guys will for me right a letter to De Waal on the Dear Elder thing and write to him thanking him for being a great companion to me.
Oh! Mom, Dad, and Rachel expect a letter from me in the mail these are unique to you and you alone so if you want go ahead an share them and what not your call. Ashley, Randy, Katlin, and Mike I don't have your address so SEND them to me and I'll write hand written to you too.
Well I'm out of time. So I'll be real quick. Hello friends I'm doing well! That is all.

I love you all and I can't wait to get a letter from you.

Love Elder Harken

P.S. Write back to this e-mail so I can add you to my address book.

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