Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elder Harken's 6th email from the MTC

Greetings family and friends that are reading this letter!
Elder Harken here a little bit later than I usually am with letters... Elder De Waal and I are trying to do a new schedule for P-Day so that we can get more work done. It works but the letter will come later in the day.
Now updates for the week yes? Okay

Tuesday: P-day...and a talk from Elder Ballard...wait...O_____O; yep you heard me right! He came and talked to us a week ago! Cool huh?

Wed: This was our last week with our OMTC investigator. It was sad but we got something that we didn't think would have happened. OMTC investigators are NOT supposed to give feedback about ANYTHING. While chatting with him he stopped us and asked if we wanted feedback. O_o We were happy to learn what we did good and could improve on. He was so nice to us and we became good friends and learned his conversion story. He was awesome to work with, sometime we want to grab him really quick and get a picture with him. Great guy. Allesandro Pelligrini was his name btw.

Thurs: Okay this day we were HYPER. Thursdays are Really REALLY long for us. We have classes basically all afternoon. As 19 year olds we get restless a little too quick. Even my companion was going crazy. It was funny but I felt bad for our teachers. I would like to note I was the least crazy one. :P

Fri: Went to the RC, now I haven't had much luck in chats or calls for getting referrals. It's actually been a little sad to me. But today was a little different. I went through 10 calls with 0 luck on getting anyone till I got this one call. He had ordered a BOFM and I was confirming to see if he got it. We chatted for a bit. I can't tell you all the whole story, but in short I actually committed him to go to church.!!!:D I'm giving him a call this week to see how it went. So we'll just have to see yes?

Sat: Okay this was the big day for us in our class. Today we went to the TRC to teach the 1st lesson...in KOREAN O_O Scary pockets! We were scared out of our wits. But we did our best and the Lord did the rest. It was a great experience. I don't know much Korean (not a lot of us do) but I decided not to take notes. One: it made me feel good to do it without it and 2: the spirit was there and He did something that we needed, the spirit. The spirit was in the room with us. We might have not been able to speak well but they understood us. It was really cool.

Sun: As you can see 6 weeks have past Elder De Waal is no longer DL (District Leader). Elder Loveless is now the DL. Funny story when Pres. Carlson came looking fro him he was sleeping on the couch LOL. It was funny!

Well that's it for this week.
To Chris Thurman CONGRATS!!!!!! On the mission call dude!
To everyone for their comment in the letter I received thanks for it! It meant a lot to me. :D

Well that's it.
Love you all,
Elder Harken

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