Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pictures of the MTC: True Elder Harken Captions

To give you an idea of our study time. Okay, fine, you caught me studying. This is our favorite spot to study.

This is the one and only . . .Sister Lee! The cutest Korean evah! Yes, I am close but I'm clean compared to some Elders. (They hugged her.) You bad Elders! I took a handshake instead. :) I was on cloud nine. She is 24 in Korean years. I guess I like older women. :)Funny story about this pic. i had left my camera in the RH, so Elder Nead took this with his camera. He gave me four copies . I love it.

Pics with the awesome Koreans. The Elder with the glasses was the nicest to me and really did teach me. He told about Busan and to say hello to his home ward.

Because we are always serious. . .seriously. :P
This was the night when the older district and Koreans were leaving. This was farewell. That's Elder Juns (left) and his companion, both great Elders. 2/15/09

Happy Valentine's Day! Weeee fun at the MTC or as put it in this pic--Happy Valentine Party! Thanks for the party in a box, Mother.

To give you an idea of how much you send and how much we can eat a day. This shows SOME of our fun treats. You can see my desk to the left. We STILL have tons left. The Elders are grateful!

More "funny" Valentine treats. This was a chocolate apple filled with gummy worms.

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