Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Elder Michael Harken's 7th Letter from the MTC

Hello Family and friends!
Yours truly Elder Harken sending a letter to you live in the computer lab. I hope everyone is enjoying the sun as much as I have it feels good!

Now for the week review this week may seem small cause we've been really busy so bare with me. :(

Wed: On Wed we started doing something that all of us speakers are having a difficult time with. Only speaking Korean. It’s supposed to stretch us but I think it actually ripped us in the process. >< It's fun but really hard to say anything cause we don't know how. But we're trying our best. Thank-you gift of tongues -.- Where would I be?

Thursday: This story jumps back to last week as well. Last week on Thursday I was on my bike as always (I don't remember if I told this story) when a Sister came up to me. Now there's a bike where you have to have a seizure to get it started. Only myself and Sis. Stomple (Going to Japan) can get it started. So this sister is trying to get it started and I'm just grinning thinking "Victim number 5" today. Nobody believes me you can get it started. So, she finally gives up and asks ME to do it. So I did, afterwards we just started to chat with each other. Her name was Sis. Bushman. She told me some funny stories about her life and then left. Little did I know that every time I saw her she would come up to me and shake my hand and start talking to me again. She was a lot of fun to talk to. Now to this week, so I found out that she was leaving the following Monday to go to Colorado for her mission. Not fair, being here for 3 weeks. >< I bid her farewell and she asked for a pic with me. I said sure. Pretty funny. What did this have to do with anything? ...I don't know.

Friday: We learned how the money works over in Korea. It's cool but different and I got to say that their money kicks our money's rear's when it comes nice looking. Went to the RC Frank wasn't home sadly, but I got another chat with someone it was cool. I actually am supposed to check up on her on Friday.

Sat: As always went to the TRC, it was a really good exp. I'm afraid I can't tell you what happened in there because it's one of those personal ones. But I can tell you about it a little. We had two sisters and they were awesome. We were supposed to speak Korean to them and they were supposed to back. One of the sisters spoke Korean...then translated it! It was funny she would applaud us when we could answer her questions in Korean. She was AWESOME. But yeah it was really good. Oh and btw we got Elder Bunny. WE LOVE IT!

Sun: 03/01/09 Wait...it's MARCH?! Sunday was good. We went to a conference and we all bore our testimonies in Korean. Hard but good I guess.

Mon: We actually got another Elder in our district! His name is Elder Casesy he went home due to family problems. Now he's in our group he's this muscle dude from Hawaii he's awesome!

Well that's all for this week, Tia, Mandy, and Adara. Letters have been sent out keep an eye out for them.

Friends I hope you are all doing well. Keep up the fight at work and school!

Love you all,
Elder Harken

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