Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elder Michael Harken's 8th Letter from the MTC

Hello Family and friends!
Elder Harken with week # errr... 8? I think ...ya-wait 8!?! O_O You mean were almost done?! D:!!!!!!! Hahaha ya it's crazy to think that time goes SO fast here in the MTC.

So this week I thought I’d share from one of the general authorities. This has to be the strongest talk I've ever felt it was COOL.
Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi (QofS) came and talked to us about becoming great teachers and repentance. The Repentance part was really cool but I want to explain the other part.
He pulled up two Elder's and made them teach this senior missionaries. They did a good job the spirit was there, the Elder actually had the 1st vision down perfectly, but he told them there was a problem they went to fast. He said the spirit comes when we slowly teach the lesson. DON'T rush the lesson to finish. So then he pulled up three sisters. He gave them specific things to do. He also had us pray for them in our hearts to help them. So, I took up his challenge before I finished my prayer in my heart, the whole room's atmosphere changed. What I felt was the spirit presence getting stronger. The sisters talked slowly and the sister who said the 1st vision didn't have it down but it was 10x more powerful than the elder who said it perfectly. It was truly amazing. He talked about other things but that was the highlight.
Pretty cool huh?

Okay week review.

Wed: Nothing really happened accept that we could not get the things down, we’re trying to learn Gerunds...they are hard.

Thurs: We did a thing called "Mikee" This is basically the OMTC for Koreans were we get the experience of what will happen in Korea. It was a lot of fun. The doors are opposite compared to ours here. Elder DeWaal and I went and it was really entertaining for us to try to get them to open the door. 1-5 people will actually open the door when you knock, you have to talk to them through the door! ...We didn't get past the door...yet.

Fri: We got a letter from Pre. Jennings! He's expecting us on April 1st. We leave on March 30th. I believe were expecting our flight plans soon. But it gave us a run down what will happen. It's crazy. We do a culture night, meet with him and his wife, eat at the house, and much more in that night!

Sat: TRC this week was really rough. It was our first time teaching the plan of salvation. It did not go well sadly, we weren't as one as we used to be, I only said like 3 sentences cause I'm trying to learn phrases still. Plus we didn't feel the spirit so it got us down. But we felt better later from the Lord with comfort.

Sun: A very nice and relaxing day to us. We saw the Jospeh Smith movie again it rotates every other week. Love it still.

Mon: While in the gym another Sister I knew, I found out loves Eddie Izzard and Robot Chicken! It was awesome for 20 minutes we talked about quotes it was hilarious. After she left another Sister (Sister Linford aslo going to Busan) came and talked to me. She expressed her concern about the bike, she loved using but was afraid because somebody told her, her thighs would get big if she used it all the time. I thought she was joking but she wasn't. I assured her they wouldn't. It made her feel better. We than talked about influencing friends without pushing them with a BofM it was a cool talk we shared stories.

That's the wrap of this week.
To friends: Mel expect a letter. Tia: I finally got your letter translated...you crack me up. XD Stewie: -__________-; You know exactly why I give this face. All friends: Hope everyone is doing well :D

That's all folks see ya next week
Elder Harken :D

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