Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Elder Michael Harken's 9th Letter from the MTC

Hey all guess what, I wrote for like 5 minutes and the computer froze D:!!! So I'm behind so I'm typing to recall what I said before bare with me ;-;

Week review:

Wed: We got Randy's chain link scripture references, which were awesome to receive. Randy thanks so much for that, my scriptures have some marks by those scriptures now. Fun story: A while back I told you about a sister who could not get a gym bike to start where no one else could accept a few (I'm one of those few hehe) This was her last week and we were talking and we found out we both liked Robot Chicken. I'm not sure if I told this or not but on the funny side, She told me this "Geez Elder Harken, I'm now going to miss you cause you are like the only missionary I know who likes Eddie Izzard" True story. It was a lot of fun talking to her.

Thurs: Had our 2nd "Mikee" appointment we actually got them to open the door this time and talk to us. You know what the secret is? Tell them your American usually they'll run to the door. You laugh but it's true, we'll do anything to try to share our message to people. Even though I can say oh so much XD

Fri: This day was Hilarious! Elder DeWaal has a friend that is in Korea Busan and sent us a can. When we first saw it we were all like "What is it?" We showed it to our teacher Sis. know it's something bad when they grin a certain way. It was Silk Worm Larva's.....Ya. Koreans love it apparently. So we all decided to eat one. It was HILLARIOUS to watch us eat JUST one. We did it in the Cafeteria we all thought we were going to die. They taste horrible, they're soggy, and they smell. Elder Loveless’ face was the best. Later that night I decided to have another one for the camera. We filmed me eating another one of these things.. I'm afraid you can't see it till I'm in Busan but I can assure you all that you will all get a good laugh watching me eat and gag on this tiny little silk worm.
On a spiritual note Friday, we went to the RC and I got to chat with a person wanting physical Proof about the BofM. I spent my whole time in the RC with this man about it. He believed the Bible because of proof he wanted me to show in the Bible there's proof. Now, I know there are few places that you can show but I gave it a little different direction, I gave him James 1:5. Told him if you want proof what better proof than from Heavenly Father? He didn't say anything but began saying more proof. I told him that's the best way and had to close the chat. Nice guy though.

Sat: Another great funny day along with spiritual moments. Our TRC appointment did not have enough people so we actually got to teach the two new Korean Sisters! No pressure to Elder DeWaal and me. It was a great experience the spirit was there and I think we touched them.
Now the other side of the story. Rachel you are going to scream of laughter saying "I TOLD YOU SO" -_- you were right. For the first 15 minutes whenever I started talking the two sisters would start laughing at me. At first I thought they were making fun of my Korean. But this wasn't the case in fact FAR from it. They finally stopped me and while laughing said that my right knee had not stopped moving up and down since we had been in there and it was funny to them. What makes this even funnier is I had no idea I was doing it! So the rest of the time my hand was on my knee trying to keep it from moving. I laugh to this day about it. So Rachel you were right about my knee being very distracting. Lol
Later that night they were looking for Elder DeWaal and me. They asked DeWaal some questions and then they came to me. They said this "You funny and you have many face expressions.”.... Do I really have that many facial expressions? It was funny.

Sun: We went on a temple walk, took some pictures, and talked to the one sister that worked on the bike. I got a picture with her. She then asked for my address to continue to keep in contact. I did. That's two I've done that. My district calls it flirting I call it friendship.
Whenever we pass the Korean sisters they always shriek and yell "ELDER HARKEN!!" ...I'm famous now :P I was actually talking to the other sisters in our Zone and asked them. They said when they pulled a picture out of the whole Zone they pointed at you and said "ELDER HARKEN!" It's rather funny.

Mon: More class work. We’re just reviewing things now. Later that night I got into a Gollum fight it was awesome. Another Elder did a Gollum impression. So we did a face off I thought he sounded better but everyone told me I did better. *Shrug* An-D would own both of us. But yeah the whole 4th floor came and watched us. No pressure.

Well that's all for the review this week.

Notes: Friends and Family, I have 1 P-Day left, This day I'm going to be running everywhere to do things. If you want a letter send it now so I can write cause I don't know how long it'll take me to write snail back. You have been warned. :P

This Saturday is exciting because we get our FLIGHT PLANS!!!! W00000T! I'll keep you updated.

Tia and Kim expect a letter.

Family I don't have time to send letters this week so no letters sorry. We’re trying to get ready so please don't torch me.
Ashley & Randy: Hope the week isn't going crazy I'm jealous of the Whose line is it anyway! D:
Katlin & Mike: You two are still here right? How's the baby coming? You two stay strong.
Rachel: ...I can see Alaska from my House!
Mom: You asked if me and DeWaal are getting along, ya were great never had a contention :D
Dad: ETA soon b-day. :D

Friends: Brady I'll look for you tomorrow. Stewie...are you alive? XD
Have a great week everyone
Elder Harken

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