Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Elder Michael Harken's last email from the MTC

Greetings Family and Friends!
Here we are we thought this day would never come...or at least this fast BUT it's here! Last letter from the MTC and from AMERICA! Creepy, I know but exciting! So I'll review, then we'll talk about flights and other important news.

Tuesday: For people who didn't know after I got off the computer we went to the temple and then to Choir. We were in line and we noticed the Choir teacher was also there! He came to us and asked if we were coming to Choir. I told him we were. Good thing to, we got good seats for Elder Tom Perry!!! He talked about companionships. Good talk. He's funny. I love him.

Wed: Not much happened accept we practiced a lot for our lesson on Saturday. I got a few interesting letters that day. :P

Thursday: This was an exciting day for me and Elder DeWaal we got our flight plans this day!!! We were all like WHAAT!?! There here?! It was awesome and we all were struck with the thought of OH snap we leave soon! Crazy pockets!

Friday: Did “Mikee”. We did it outside like it was meeting someone in the park. It was fun. Afterwards I taught a full long lesson (20 minutes) by myself to Elder DeWaal. I felt smart for a little bit... just a little XD

Sat: TRC day! One thing I failed to mention about TRC, TRC has two parts the first 15 minutes you do a task. This week was plan your week out with the investigator and then for 30 minutes teach a lesson. (This is all in Korean) So we got a sister who served two years ago. It was a good teaching lesson, something we tried this time that made it different was that we sang! Ya we sang two songs during the lesson "I am a child of God & I know my Redeemer lives" It actually worked with our lessons. The spirit was there so we couldn't argue. So singing hymns work!

Sun: Many have asked if we got to do the Temple Dedication, the answer yes! We did we got to do the final session. It was an amazing experience. I've been to temple dedications before but this one was just really meaningful to me. I can't give details of my experience but just to give an idea, picture over 2000 missionaries. I'll leave it at that.
Also on this day we had our exit interviews. This meant we taught a branch presidency a lesson. (No pressure) In Korean (still no pressure) by yourself (uh lil pressure) in 5 minutes (uhh) and I got Pres Carlson (...) hehe. Ya that's how I felt. But it went well. I love Pres Carlson he's so nice.

Monday: Because we have Korean missionaries our teachers found it a good idea to try to teach one of them one on one. O_O Ya, but I went with it hehe. Basically I did my best and I got a good understanding of what he said...kind of. He told me I did a good job and that he could feel the spirit from me. That made me feel really good. I like to hear when people can feel the spirit, it means I'm doing something right. XD

Tues: ...well that's today it's chaotic today! I'm running everywhere trying to get things ready so yeah.

Okay okay you all want the flight plans yes?
Here you go
5:00 A.M Get up to leave
6:00 A.M. Check travel office get on bus
7:00 A.M. Arive at airport and check in
7-9:30 Wait
9:45 A.M. -10:44 A.M. SLC to Los Angeles CA
11:00-12:00 Wait
12:30 - P.M. - 5:20 P.M. (Next day March 31st) Los Angeles CA to Seoul Korea
5:30-8:00 Wait check in to become an alien
8:05 P.M. - 9:05 P.M. Seoul Korea to Busan Korea!
The time difference will be 9:05 P.M. (Utah) Will about 11:00 A.M. (Korean time) So JET LAG! XD

This brings up concern I'm not sure when I'm going to contact family. Maybe in SLC or LA I'm not sure yet. Tell me what you think is best. Please note this isn't mother's day so it won't be long. It's just a 5 minute talk with a person. (Speaking of which family I need your cellphone numbers er.. I sort of forgot XD)

Friends: All your letters I have received up till Tuesday, you have been sent a letter, any letters past that you'll have to be patient with me and wait till I'm in Korea..

Love you all
Best of luck America
Elder Harken

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