Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our "wall"--We love getting free pics and putting them up. We are starting a tradition. We are going to give this wall to another group and have them continue the tradition.

This is Sis. Stolpe--headed to Japan 2 weeks before I left the MTC. I'd always get this bike with a view of the temple and bike and sit quietly thinking. Wow, I had a bike beside me. No one could get this bike started except one sister. For the first weeks I didn't say anything. A few weeks in, and she commented that I like this bike. I laughed and said yes. A few more week's passed, and I rarely said anything but she just started talking and I started listening. It wasn't till the last week for her when we found out we both liked Eddie Izzard. After that we talked about everything comedians. One Sunday I was taking pictures. She came up to me asking if she could get a picture--henceforth this pic! I called her the Bike Sister because she could get this one bike going.

To be meant as a joke, I asked her to pose like she was on a bike. So this is my laugh pic.--What a great sport!

Ahh, the silkworms. Look harmless right?

Yum, yum look good don't they? Don't worry, I'll make you eat sometime.

Funny story: One p-day I was really tired so I was laying like I am and actually fell asleep like that! Elder Loveless thought it was funny so he took a pic. Everyone thought it looks painful!

Elder Brower, Elder Nead, Elder Routson, and Elder Loveless

This is the New Korean Group. I can say I love them more than the other group: because I got to KNOW them. They were awesome to work with.

This is Sis Bushman who went to Colorado to serve. I was just working on the bike and she just randomly started talking to me! At first I was "...okay?" After that bike talk, wherever she was, I would hear, "Elder Harken!" She'd always say, "Hi!" This pic was of her last day. She asked if we could take a pic together. (Left to right--Me, Sis Bushman, and her companion)

Look! South Korea :0)

Me and Elder Loveless on his birthday. We had a great time. (Check out Elder Loveless' shirt!)

Best companionship at the MTC!--Elder Harken and Elder DeWaal

To give you an idea how much room we have from the packages we get! We still laugh. President Carlson came and saw all the boxes and looked at us oddly. It was funny!

Meet Elder "Bunny" He's one of those late missionaries !

Meet the trio! Elder Bunny really boosted our conversion for some reason. We think he's sweet, so that's how we get referrals.

Me and Elder Bunny

. . .Elder DeWaal and I don't like competition.

We had a lot of fun with balloons. Elder Olsen made a puppy.

Another Elder having fun with the baloons. Your package actually spread to all the 3rd and 4th floors!

We got pics of us with the flag. The lab did something weird but we like it.

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