Thursday, February 19, 2009

Elder Michael Harken's 5th letter from the MTC

Greetings family and friends who continue to read my letter each time I get to you! As you can see I'm still alive a kicking...a little :P

So shall we talk about the week? Yes.

Wednesday was probably was the best day really. Once again we went to our investigator in the OMTC and taught him, for the last few weeks we have tried to get him to pray. No success, till today. He did! :D Though he didn't feel anything -_______-; baby steps, baby steps. Well, we can't exactly move really forward till he gets that his father in heaven loves him. So, I got prompted to just bear my testimony. I did, it was amazing as I tried to speak my voice went really quiet. I don't know why but it did and I bore to him that he will answer but you have to be diligent about, I started to cry (just a little) and asked him to ask again if he does love him. He said he would. So yeah that was pretty cool.
OH! Sister Acerson and I found each other! She came in this week.

Thrusday: Long day of studying and sweating like a pig. We found out that one of us in our group would have to give a Korean. O_O ACK! I for one thing can barely speak it yet alone make sentences. But somehow made a really short talk.

Friday: Was the day to see who would give a talk...not me :D Besides that nothing really big happened...Cept a few things :P Sister Lee from Korea we found out can play the pinao like she was Mozart. It was cool! Another thing that happened was RC, I had some "interesting ones" one guy came saying he wanted help about his GF dumping him -_____-; the things people will tell on chats is scary. Trust me on this one. But I gave him D&C 121 7-8 to see that the Lord will help. He than got really weird and will leave it at that. :P

Saturday: TRC day! This one was quite funny. 1: It was valentines 2: the volunteers have no idea what they're supposed to do, 3: That package you sent required me AND Elder DeWaal to carry. Anyways, The Sister we got was actually 16! O_O It was interesting. She was very kind to us and helped us a lot with the Korean.. We were supposed to ask her where to move things, but instead she told US where to move things. XD But the one thing she told us that stood out was this, She was grateful for us missionaries to let her come and listen and feel the spirit. A 16 year old saying this! If I have faith like her wow. Plus she gave us candy for Valentines. Now about the package...this was our reaction to it O_______O I can see we are stock for the next few weeks.. We got some pics thanks for the stuff and the iPod.

Sunday: was a sad one, the older district was leaving. Elder Caldwell my old ZL was leaving among them. I really looked up to him. It was sad and little bit of envying of them going. But I think it's good that I'm here for a bit more. The Koreans also left too T_T but well get more in when we have 3 weeks left.

Well that sums up this week. I hope everyone is doing well.
Friends, stay smart in school...and write. That means you too Stewie.

That is all.
Love you all,
Elder Harken :D

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