Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Elder Michael Harken's 4th Email from the MTC

Greetings Family and Friends
Your's truly Elder Harken!
Well well, almost been here for a full month...wait what?! O_o CRAZY!!! Ya my thoughts exactly.
Review of the week yes? Okay if you insists :P
Wed: New Missionaries!! Ya I love them because watching all them come in they are so green. They are so nervous and watching moms boo reminds me of when I first came in good times. Plus I get ice cream on this day W00t!
Fun fact: RJ Barrington (Main actor in The Diviners) and I saw each other he came in that day it was awesome to see him. He was really green coming in but he'll do fine....and he leaves before me -___-; that's just not fair.

Thursday: Lots of Korean study this is our day when I feel like the day just goes on and on and on. But a fun story to tell. All of you know that I do personages especially Gollum. Well Elder Browler in our district starter to say taters and did a Gollum line without the gollum accent. I was appalled and told him what were taters in Gollum's voice. The whole district stopped eating and stared. They actually asked me to do more and than the older district came by and wanted to hear it was funny. :D

Friday: Went to the RC that day and was doing inbound calls, my heart races when I hear the phone ringing. O_o Then one lady called, she asked for a free video I said sure and than she started asking if she could be put on our prayer roll. At first I was confused than see explained, she needed $600 to pay her attorney that she could claim her house that she lived in for 5 years. (She started to cry) I told her I'd be more than happy to put her on our prayer rolls. While this was going on I got the idea to tell her about the BOFM how it can bring peace! I was about to do so and she was the sweetest lady just when I was going to ask her the phone line disappears. D:!!!! I never did find out why it disconnected she was talking to me when it cut. If you guys want please pray for me to find her again. I have been given special permission to call her back when I go back to the RC. Kind of cool.

Sat: Okay this was really cool what happened! TRC is where we teach people about the Gospel usually you get members to come help with the language and listen to you teach. Not the case for me and Elder DeWaal. We got a REAL investigator! O_O Okay it's scary to teach just a member but finding out they're a real one increases the intensity! We said two prayers before going in. We were supposed to teach the 2nd lesson plan of salvation but it sort of changed. He was from a small town an hour away form Seoul coming here to learn English. Now were supposed to teach English so this was already going to be a very interesting discussion. We got prompted when he told us he didn't know who Joseph Smith was to teach him the 1st lesson. It was a really cool experience I think we touched him. The spirit was strong I think. I actually committed him to pray and ask if the BofM was true and if God knew him and loved him. At first he said maybe but at the end he said yes. At the end we shook hands and left. (We also got chewed out by this teacher of another district because we were 5 minutes over) -_-; Ugh.

Sunday: Saw the Joseph Smith movie again! I am ordering you all to go see it! NO BUTS!
We did a temple walk and got a HUGE Zone group pic. The older district leaves next Monday making us the Older District! We also got some AWESOME pics of the Koreans that are here. I don't remember if I told about them but they are AWESOME. I have some pics of them.

Monday: Weather is evil here! This day was cool. The Koreans actually came in and talked to us one-on-one and taught us some things it was really cool. They are the NICEST people in the world! I love them already. Funny story: There's this one Korean that came in and said "Who want me?" Okay that was already funny but when one of the Elders hands shot right up I fell off my chair laughing.

As you can tell it's been a good week! Hard but good!

Friends hope you are all doing well with everything. Brady Congrats and can't wait to see you on March 18th I'll keep my eyes out for you.

Till next week chow!
Elder Harken

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