Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Michael's 3rd Email from the MTC

Greetings family! (and friends!)
Your one and only Elder Harken. Speaking to you! Wow weeks just go fast really really fast here in the MTC! Must be the scheduling that does that. :P Well where to start for this week?

Sunday? That sounds good... well as you know it was fast Sunday. It was quite the experience. Instead of priesthood session we went to a mission conference. We heard some really good speakers. They talked about obedience. :P Lol ya it was great.
After that we had sacrament in our zone. On Wednesday we got to listen to Koreans from KOREA! COOOL! They are very nice. They all got up and bore their testimony in Korean. They spoke really fast I was like O_O what? But it will be cool when I can do that. We fasted till dinner (6:15) and then went to a fireside and watched the TESTAMENTS!!! Great day.

I'm going to rewind now to last Wednesday. On wed Elder DeWaal and I went and did (OMTC) Operation Missionary Training Center. Where people act out like real investigators. Really good practice to do progressing members. You basically have to get into the front door first O.o. I think we did well...except I made the mistake of answering to a reply with that you will have joy if you listen -_______-; oops. But it was a good exp to do none the less.

Thursday.... lots of learning of Korean lets leave it there. :P

Friday was a interesting day we went to the RC and learned how to "Chat" and we did get interesting Chats. Our first chat a guy had a concern about him liking guys. At first we thought he was serious, we did our best to help but as the conversation continued you could tell he was joshing with us. Then I got a chat with this one man and it sort of stuck with me. The man came on asking "Why does God hate?" I was puzzled at first, but as he continued we figured out that in Helaman 15:5 the man had taken the verse COMPLETLEY wrong. I tried for 30 minutes to explain to him that wasn't what it meant but no go. It was sad when he left. But in the field you'll get a lot of those I guess.

Saturday!!! Was amazing! We had to go to the TRC to teach lesson 1 again. We went in planning to teach a pretend investigator who didn't know about God. We got something way different and way more powerful.
Our investigators we taught were 2 sister Koreans. We began the lesson (English) as we chatted with them, We found out that one of the sisters was just baptized 2 weeks ago!!! O_O And the other we don't know. Instead of teaching like pretend investigators we taught the restoration to these sisters like the missionaries would when you review the lessons after being baptized. The sister told us that she believed but couldn't decide if the BofM was true a lot of facts baffled her. I testified to her that I felt the same way before. But as I read the BofM and took Moroni 10:4 promise The Lord manifest it unto me that it was true. Elder DeWaal bore a really strong testimony and BAM! The spirit was EXTREMELY strong (thanks Elder DeWaal :D) We could tell the spirit touched them, it was a great exp.

That sums up this week here are some fun facts about me being here at the MTC:
Elder Harken Trivia:
#1 I know this one has got you talking so here
Video Games withdrawl: 0 HA!
Music: 3
Girls....we're not going there

#2 Weight
I came to the MTC weighing 133 lbs I now weigh 137 lbs O.o

#3 Mail
I'm considered the most lucky Elder in the District with the most received Dear Elders and biggest packages in less than 3 weeks :D W00t!

#4 Singing
I have sang "Put on your Sunday clothes" over 100 times and drove my companion nuts! Anyone want to send that to me? :D

#5 Temple
Temple + Morning + Breakfast in temple = BEST WAY TO START MORNING!

Well that's it.

Oh to friends that read this facebook message I know you do. I have yet to receive a letter from you ;-; I'd love to write back but I need addresses. -_- (Thank-you Tia) This includes you too stewie!

That's all for this week love ya all!
Elder Harken

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