Monday, April 6, 2009

Greetings from Korea (April 6, 2009)

Greetings family and friends yours truly the one and only Elder Harken! Hey all sorry for the lack of a letter last week well technically the parents got a phone call so that equals as fair so I'm guiltless. It's not what you think anyone I would have called all of you if I could but, μ‹œκΈˆ (Time) did not exist at the airport.
I may have more than 30 minutes but I only have a hour now so bear with me.

On the airplane: Let's see after the flight from SLC to L.A. we actually arrived late to L.A. due to weather in SLC. When we got to L.A. we basically ran to the next plane giving us NO time to call anyone, so I was glad I actually called mom and dad before I left the SLC. -.-
The plane trip was not that bad it was about 14 hours from L.A. to Seoul. The only complaint was I was put by two very loud missionaries...they would shush when I tried to sleep. We got to Seoul around 3:00 A.M. (Your time) I want to say. I was excited! But horrified.

Seoul: While there in I had to go and do a lot of things before I was allowed into Seoul. Seoul-West and Dangun missionaries were waiting for their group.. I said farewell to some of my buddies and hopped onto another plane to Busan. I must say it was the shortest plane trip ever it was only 45 minutes tops! OR it just felt that way because of the 14 hour trip before. XD

Busan: We arrived and we met Pres Jennings and Sis Jennings they are AWESOME very kind and he speaks really good Korean. By the time we got to Busan it was around 9:00 P.M. (Korean time you all would be getting up) Due to the fact it was late we stayed at the HQ for the night. I don't think I slept well that night cause I didn't know what to expect.

First day in the field: We got woken up early this day around 5:45 and they told us to to bring underwear and toiletry. We all were lost but did what they said. Little did we know they were taking us to a BATH HOUSE. ".........." I'm just going to leave it at that. >.> After that we went back to the HQ and ate with the President. We had a drink called "Aloe" it's AMAZING! :) After breakfast I got my bank account here American currency is better here than we thought. $1.34 I actually got a pretty penny for my things hehehe. After that I got interviewed with Pres Jennings really nice man. Did you know that he worked at Novell? He was surprised that dad worked there.

Field test day: After all this was the beginning of the trainers. We met all the trainers and they took us all and told us that we were going to be going on a subway and "Soap Boxing" O_O Yes I did soap Box. I got up said "this is the Book of Mormon, it makes me happy, I love it, its true." Then the trainer would take over afterward we go giving Book Of Mormons whoever wanted one to get contacts. We went around all Busan talking. It was CRAZY!

Meeting the New companions: After this we came back and Pres. Jennings told us our new companions and trainer. And the companion is *drum roll* ELDER SINDEN! He's from Washington and speaks really good Korean. He's also a very good massager he'll randomly give me a random back massage whenever he feels like it.

First area: After dinner Me and Elder Sinden headed off to my first area the place is called 영 도 (Yong-doh) I believe. Got to our apartment. And I made my first calls to the Bishop, 1st, and Relief Society president. I confess I had no idea what they said. I had a paper in front of me and I just said what was on it. Than we went to bed. -____-;

Let the work begin: So I began my first work on Thursday or for you Wed. Were ahead of you so ha! But you've already seen GC so it evens out. ;-;
There's a lot to say but little time. Last Sunday I actually got to be part of a confirmation! Ya it was really powerful and effective. I hope to find some people so we can more those. I go to a small Branch about 20 people come its cool.
P-Day: Today's as you can see is Mondays for me. Who would've guessed? We went to a place where Cherry Blossom trees bloom. There pretty Hopefully I can the pics to transfer I don't know we'll see.
So yeah, um Any questions? XD
Oh yes about mail... Letters usually take from 10-14 days to get from here to USA or USA to Korea. Be warned.
Friends I cannot send emails to you sorry. But you can send me emails and I can write back. Just be patient with me.
Speaking of which to TIA, MEL, and KIM or to ANYONE WHO SENT ME LETTER AFTER WED while was in the MTC. I did not receive any letters from you. So uh if you did send are uh...going to send them again. >.>

The address to my home is actually the home you already have. You just send it to to the Mission Headquarters in Busan Korea and they send it to us. Convienant yes?

Request: I found out something that made me jump off the walls actually. Music restrictions are really friendly and I got permission, I'm allowed to have my Lost Odyssey Soundtrack! But how is the question you ask? We have a CD player stero here that we use sometimes so we can use that. Which means this, Rachel I need you to get my HD and find my Lost Odyssey soundtrack burn it.. Than ship it off to me. :D You have no idea how happy I was when I got permission for this. So w00t! I can also listen to Disney. Who would've guessed? XD Now if some random reeses peanut butter cups come with them... >_> <_< those are okay too (They don't have any D:!!!) Blasphemous I know. XD If you need me to pay postage use my account. ;)

Friends I'll send letters asap bear with me. Like I said it will take me a while and I only have P-Day. So things are crazy right now.

That's all for now
Love you all
Elder Harken

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