Friday, April 17, 2009

#2 From Korea

Greetings Family and friends from the place I call USA. Hi!
I must say it has been CRAZY for me this week but none the less it has been a lot of fun to work with as well. Let's talk shall we?

So this week as you can all see was what I call learn and adapt.
Because I'm new to the whole area I'm also new to new sickness. The first few days I got a little bit green. It's completely normal for this to happen my body is just adjusting to the new place. So mom, don't sweat. ;)

This week was really learning the area for me. If any of you think I can understand one person here.... uh...I'll get back to you about that >_>
Basically some fun facts for you here.
Because I'm very white as you all know people will stare at me in disbelief. There hasn't been a day so far where I haven't had a little kid go running to their moms saying "Mommy! Mommy! An American!" It's cute. It gets strange when people will come up to you and say that your are gorgeous...I even have guys tell me I'm handsome. XD

Oh funny fact for dad: Dad the Branch saw a picture of you they think that you look like the CEO for Apple. They asked if you were. I replied back no and you actually don't like apple. It was really funny.

Elder Sinden is a really great guy he's been teaching me yoga. We have been working really hard lately to find people. I didn't know this but Elder Sinden and me are the only ones in 영 도 so we've got our work laid out for us.

So far we've got two investigators right now that we are feeling good for. One owns a store that we go to and the other is a sweet grandma who I call the "Golden Investigator" (cool story later) But we are working with them and are hoping the best. We'll keep you posted about them.

Now how many of you would like to know how I'm surviving on the food? ...I'm doing fine thanks. I've eaten quite a variety of food. From seafood to um...>_> pig intestines. Ya that one was very different :P

Now for a spiritual thought, As I told you we have an investigator that’s like gold. She feels that the Book of Mormon is the Lord talking to her so she invited us for was a seafood meal. Now EVERYONE knows that I hate all seafood with a passion. I knew it too but I didn't want to offend this sweet grandma. She worked really hard for us. So, I did what I could. I prayed I basically said please help me eat the food with out any problems. Then she started to feed us. I put the fish to my mouth and was good. O_O I've never liked the taste of this certain fish before but I could this time. I left no scraps after that meal. The Lord answers prayers.

To friends I'm short on time:
Rachel Overson: Hey-chicka-thump-bump. Best of luck on the wedding :D
Tia: In ways Japan and Korea are similar but other ways WAY different.
Stewie: Send me a letter dude email or something...
Devin: To anyone that can get a hold of him, have you received your mission call yet?
Phil: Yes I'm white. :D
Cassie: I forgot to mention this awhile back, Gigi and I actually met the first day and became good friends in the MTC.

Letters...I'm trying to send it takes 2 weeks to get letters so patient? :)

That is all this week GC (General Conference) was amazing. I got to see it in English. Yay!

Elder Harken

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