Monday, April 20, 2009

Letter Number Three from Korea

Greetings family and friends!
Elder Harken here in uh..week er... 3?
...ANYWAYS. Sounds like everyone is having a very "Snowy time" in America that sort of bites. :| Sorry to hear that.
Here in 영 도 it's raining on us right now, not the worst I hear, but it's pouring. (Better than snow)

Well this week has been a real entertainer for me and for my companion apparently.

Last P-day: After my last letter I sent we headed off to a mountain called 대정대. We actually went with our 1st counselor in our branch. I actually got to see and go in my first budha house they are really cool to see. We walked the whole mountain and after that to a bath house again... -_____________-;

1st Contact: Yep I got me my first contact here in Korea! So that made me feel good.

3 Grandmas: Okay funny story, We were heading off to go find people and there were these three grandmas giving out napkins. When they saw they refused to give us one. :| We talked to them one grandma came up to us and said: "You're handsome, but because you’re Mormon I don't like you." :\ What made this funny was that she thought we had a "girl" prophet. o_o Different. They told us that there was no need for another book except a bible. We decided that nothing was going well so we kindly left. Elder Sinden made this comment "2nd Nephi 29" Go read that and see what it says. It was funny.

Seeing someone you did not expect: Okay this was crazy but guess who I saw here in Korea? Anyone in my 6th grade class should know her MISS ALBAUGH! Ya you heard me Miss Albaugh came to Korea to say hi to Mrs. Jennings! So I got to have dinner with the President and Miss Albaugh it was really cool! To expand how cool this is, it is RARE I mean REALLY RARE to have dinner with the President. I'm a greenie so the odds are huge. But ya we had a great time talking to each other she's doing well. It was a lot of fun seeing her.

Our investigators are doing well, one of our investigators is really progressing I really love her. Her name is 최 슨 숙 she is so funny. We really are crossing our fingers for her. Our grandma is doing great, she wants to come to church so this week we are going to see if we can get her to our church.

Well that's really the highlights hmm lets see notes

To Friends:
I'm hoping you are all doing well hopefully nobody is sick...that'd be bad. Hows everyone doing?

Yep well that's all for this week see ya next week. ^_^
Elder Harken

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