Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 4 in Korea

Greetings family and friends,
It's me again!
Actually this week I'm afraid I really don't have much of anything to tell you all about this week. We’re working really hard down here and um...we’re working on it still. :)

I think I failed to mention this, but I teach an English class. Yep it's actually a lot of fun to do. I've got two students that are really good and they write down phrases that I'll say. Like " Ah Flip" -__- Now for your info I'm good. The other missionary that taught, he taught them unwise things. But yeah it's fun I love them both.

I actually got to see a baptism here! It was the first counselor’s son. I got to be a witness. It was really cool to be a part of. I also got to be part of the baptism covenant. That was cool.

Funny story this week, we saw three foreigners so we decided to go by and say hi. It's amazing to see the immaturity of foreigners. They had no respect for the Koreans, they hated the food and they were 28-30. We talked to them while they drank. They were really funny to listen to. What makes this interesting is that as we were leaving, we thanked the owner of the store, and all the Koreans came to us saying thank-you and giving us tons of respect while they gave none to the three guys. It shows that if you respect their culture and language they'll treat you with the same respect. It was cool really to see.

Some fun facts: Korean workers are fast! Koreans build buildings a lot faster than anything I've seen! They are fast! I saw them make a whole bridge since I have been here.

....hmmm what else can I say this week- OH I know. I ate raw octopus. Yes you heard me right. Yum yum. It wasn't bad actually. It was kind of tasty. Don't ask me how I can say that because I really don't know. I thank the Lord on that one. Cause I know I hate seafood, yet I can eat it and enjoy it.

ACK! Running low on time.

Well, that's all for this week.
Next week’s letter should have some things that'll make you laugh. You'll see.

Friends: ...Have fun for the last month of school. hehe!
Anyone getting married yet? ...just curious >.>

Love you all
Elder Harken

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