Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 5 in Korea

Greetings family and Friends!

Happy B-Day to you Happy to B-Day to you. Happy b-day dear Buddha! Happy B-Day to youooooooou!

I'm guessing you can see whose birthday I'm celebrating. Yes last Saturday was Buddha's B-Day. This holiday is HUGE in Korea. We missionaries are not allowed to work on this day due to the fact it's really insulting to the culture. So we got what we call ANOTHER P-Day! W/o letters :P
Basically we got our whole stake together and we had a sports day. It was really fun. I was actually able to get to know some of the members more. I have become come good friends with our recent convert 박 정훈 he's really a good friend.
After that me and Elder Sinden decided to go to the temple. We went up just being respectful and the Monks brought us Watermelon (rare) then they told us that we could take a picture of Buddha! That's EXTREMELY Rare! You're not allowed to do that, but they said it was okay so we did! We said goodbye and they told us to come again. Now this is pretty darn rare so it was cool.

I have to cut this short we're supposed to be leaving

About Mother's Day because I know you are all curious, here's the plan. As you are all aware we're ahead of you by a day. So, I'll be calling you around 3-5 P.M. on SUNDAY your time (Utah) I'll explain later how that works. So expect that I can only give that rough estimation. So, yeah. Any friends that want to come by and say hi you're more than welcome to come. Just call ahead so my parents don’t have a heart attack :V

Well, that's all g2g
Love ya all
Elder Harken

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