Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 6 in Korea

Greetings Family and Friends!
Hey all Happy mothers day...AGAIN!!!! XD It was a BLAST talking to you all, it really made my day a lot better. Sounds to me everyone is doing not good...but FANTASTIC!! Glad to hear that Star Trek was a 3.5! That is SWEET! Transfers: Okay I have been out for 6 weeks now meaning "Transfers" this week I was really nervous due to the fact that I might be transferred leaving my companion 영 도, which I have come to love. BUT I didn't. -.- (phew) But yes, every 6 weeks here we have transfers depending on how the president feels with help from the Lord he moves us. That Friday around 9:30 P.M. we wait till 10:00 to see if you are moving, if you don't get a call you don't leave, if you do... pack your bags. I will be Elder Sinden's last companion, as we missionaries call it "I'm killing him." It was suppose to be a secret against me but I'm so good I found out...I was sad to find out. :( Investigators: We have really been hard at work trying to find them, when I came into the area 6 weeks ago we had 2. Sinden and I have been very successful on finding people we're up to 6 now! I thank you all for your prayers this could not have happened without your blessings. Elder Sinden and I thank you greatly. I ask as a friend to not only bless me and Sinden, but I also request that you pray for our investigators. I love each and one of them personally. A blessing to Elder Sinden: This is my highlight of the week (well besides talking to the family) On Sunday (Korea) me and Sinden were at our apartment when around 10:20pm we get a text message. (Yes we have a cell phone :D) It was from one of Elder Siden’s FAVORITE investigators he loved this girl a lot. I was in the restroom and I hear "WHAAAAAT?!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!" Next thing I know he's talking to her, after the conversation he was just beaming, he said "She wants to get baptize!" and the cool thing she wanted him to do it. Now to give you an idea of how much this means to him, this girl he found her and taught her and her family and really was upset when he got transferred away (there were tears he says.) It was really a happy night for him. ^_^ So, we’re going to see if we can get permission to go up to her and have him baptize her. Elder Sindens B-Day: Yep it was his b-day! He's 21! It was a lot of fun to celebrate. We got $200 dictionaries. :D These things are really nice. President Jennings told us Greenies if we could he'd recommend getting one... I did. :D But yes we had a lot of fun. We ate with the whole district. In fact on his B-day we got a new investigator! He said that was the best gift that day.

Well that's really the highlights of this week. Hmmmm culture thoughts... gas is crazy here! $1.37...per liter...ouch.
Friends: HI! :D High school kiddies one month left don't get lazy. >: |
Love you all,
Elder Harken :D

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