Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 7 in Korea

Greetings family and friends!
Elder Harken here on week...uh...>.> I don't remember....

This week was kind of the week where we do lots of talking to people week and find new people to teach. Nothing really big, but this is kind of interesting.
This week was my first time getting kicked out of a place. :S We headed upward on our island and made are way to GOSHIN University. We walked up the stairs (it's very steep to get to it) and sat down to catch our breath. Less than 5 minutes sitting there a guy comes up to us and starts telling us that we’re Mormons and we’re heretics and that this university had it's own belief in Christ and told us to leave. We could've probably argued with him but we didn't, we just kindly nodded our heads and headed downward there was an angry Minster glaring at us as we left. *Shrugs* So we learned we can't teach there oops. :P But hey it's not the worst.

Our investigators are doing good we’re working hard to help them with their needs. We might have 2 new investigators this Saturday so we’re excited. Thanks for the prayers I just ask you to continue to pray for them and for us to find their needs.

Update on Elder Sinden: We found out she has a date we’re not sure if he will baptize her or not yet. But the line of authority are all giving a green light so I would say yes. The date is in two weeks (so exciting).

Well that's it for this week I'll see you all next week!
Love you all!
하 켄 창로

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