Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 8 in Korea

Greetings from across the world in 한국 family and friends.

You’re 하켄 장로 here with this week letter!

Wow! May just flew by didn't it? Well, for me at least :V We’re hitting our last week here and looks like I can easily say, I need to work harder here in Korea. I’m not saying that I'm a lazy missionary, but I feel as though I need to find more people. >.> This week we've been giving our investigators to our Sister missionaries, this is good/bad Good: Sister Missionaries are better teachers than me. Bad: I don't like giving up my investigators, I love them. :( But I still got to keep my two favorite, so it works out. Hehe! I am still working with my investigators. We think we've finally pushed through one of investigators! For weeks we've been trying to teach her family but none of them wanted to meet us. Last Sunday we passed by and met the husband and he
wants to meet us...with the WHOLE family! Boo-yah! The morale of this story is...patience. I've learned that you need so much patience here with yourself and others (mostly yourself.) Right now I'm kind of in a stump of trying to find what our investigators need. So all prayers in this area are awesome thanks everyone. ^_^
Life is good here in Korea still trying to get the language under control. Funny fact about that, our investigator 죄승숙 (Our favorite) whenever I talk with her she'll talk like 100 mph and I'll have no idea what she says then with her small English she'll say to me "Hakin (That's how they say our name) you don't understand?" Then give HUGE baby eyes. It's HILIRIAOUS! We love her a lot.

Well that's all this week, now for the fun things for friends.
To the Sister Blickfelt and Greg:
Thanks for the awesome letter it's so good to hear from my family I once taught, I miss you guys a lot. ^_^ And for Greg, CONGRATS DUDE! I'm glad to hear that you had a blast at Prom, I didn't go to Prom my junior year, you're better than me Greg. You're a lady's man!

To Scott: O_O!!!! YOU GOT MARRIED!?! WHAT?!?! D:!!!! That's awesome!
Aaron Stewart and Zack Lyman: YOU GUYS TOO?! My buddies are getting married...This makes me happy. Congrats guys!
To all the High School student buddies of my that are graduating: BOO-YAH! YOU GUYS DID IT AND CONGRATS! I haven't forgotten you here and I wish you a good summer and good luck in College/Missions/Marriages/Jobs/etc :D

Love you all see you next week :D
Elder Harken

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