Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week 9 in Korea

Greetings Families and Friends!

Hey all seems like everyone is doing well. Henceforth the beginning of Summer Break for some of you! Yes, yes once again congrats my good friends that graduated that feeling is awesome. Now go get jobs and...do summer stuff things idk >.>

This week has been good/long I guess. We have been working hard lately to find people. We've actually found 4 new investigators this week! We're very thrilled to see that we found some more people to teach.

Investigators: Our favorite investigator 김수진 we think we've had a break through, which for us is AWESOME. For the first time we think we saw her feel the spirit. Which makes Sinden and me very happy. One thing you come to love is watching your investigators change, they seem more happy. They just seem so much more happy after they meet us you just love it!

Last Sunday Elder Sinden was given permission to go up to his old area and watch his favorite investigator get baptized. Though he wanted to be the one baptizing her, he was happy to be there for that moment. It made his week basically (he's basically on cloud-nine right now) :P

Well, that’s all I got for this week.
I wish everyone here a great summer and everyone be safe while vacationing. That is all,
Love you all

하켄 장로

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