Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 10 in Korea

Greetings family and friends!

Wow, this week went fast...maybe to fast D:!! Mhmm yes, well this week me and Sinden got a very interesting call from HQ's. We're Moving! Yep our apartment is basically kicking us out of our apartment on June 18 so we have to start working on moving. It's okay we've seen the new house. It's actually really nice, the only bad thing is we don't have are epic scenery. :(
But yeah we spent almost a whole day getting rid of missionary stuff that other missionary's left. It cost us $53 to get rid of all of it. We actually had to break a wardrobe to get it through the door. It reminded me of Trading Spaces it was funny. XD

This week we're working hard with our 3 investigators. All 3 are doing well. One is really close to baptism, but not quite there yet. We actually met with one of our investigator’s family for the first time and set a really good mood to help the whole family. So, we’re working (crossing fingers) X3

Elder Sinden and I are doing great. Kind of sad that I have less than 17 days with him until he goes home to America. :(

That's all for this week.
Friends: Forgive my lack writing Tia sent your letter last week, Gussie & The Stewart family sent your letters today. So be on the look out. :D

Love you all continue your epic summer everyone!
Elder Harken

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