Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 11 in Korea

Greetings family and friends!

Guess what? On June 14 I've been on a Mission for 6 months!!! WOW! Times flies! It really does here on a mission. The thing is I have way too much to do before I can say I'm satisfied with the missionary work I have done so far. Yep lots of work and memorizing @.@

Week review for this week:
LOTS have gone down this week. Because Elder Sinden goes home on Next Monday I have a lot of things to do. "Building Relation Trust" as I will put it where I need the Branch and investigators to trust me enough that the next Elder doesn't scare them away (that has happened in the field I have heard)

Monday: Well, on this day I found something out about my Branch President that made me and him almost friends instantly! I was at his house and I noticed that he had all these Gundam Models (Rachel explain to the family what that means) and I thought "Oh, his son is a fan of Gundam" ...No. It's HIM that's the fan! He has this one model that's over $200!!! And Rachel it's from Gundam Seed. He knows everything about Gundam it was awesome. He wanted to get the whole branch to come to his house and watch Gundam 00 with him for family home evening after he taught a spiritual lesson.... it was very tempting. >_<

Tuesday: I decided one thing...that my knowledge about Anime has finally become a very useful tool to grab people’s trust. We were meeting with one of our investigators and her cousin and we were going to eat LIVE OCUTPUSS! Yeah (it was actually really good! Besides the things sticking to your tongue XD) While we were heading there I started talking to the cousin and asked what he liked. He replied with he watches tv. I asked him if he watched Gundam (they don't know the word Anime) he looked at me with disbelief and asked if I knew Gundam. I told him I knew Gundam Seed really well. With our language wall we talked about which gundam we liked and why. Later as we were eating he told our investigator I knew anime. She looked at him with disbelief and said to him "Do you think he knows Inu-Yasha?" As soon as I heard that I said "저는 inuyasha 사랑합니다!" ( I love inusyahsa! ) She went beserk! Then they started asking me if I knew all these shows I knew about 95% of them they were shocked. Then they put me to the test and asked me if I knew a song from Inuyahsa. I sang her favorite song, she went crazy! It was awesome! After that I really gained some trust from both of them!

Wed: Nothing really exciting happened this day but I did get a cute call. Our investigator (from Tuesday 김수진) She always talks to Sinden at night and asks questions about the church. One night I'm sitting there and Sinden hands me the phone and says she sent me a text to have you call her. I was really confused but I did. She talked to me a little bit and then she asked if she could sing to me. She sang her favorite Inuyasha song for me. Note: she is really shy so her doing this was really shocking. But none the less I think it works for "BRT" :)

Thurs: We actually got a new investigator! He's a foreigner! Kind of cool. Taught him he's smart! We're helping him learn Korean. He likes us a lot.

Sat: This day we were really happy, this was the first time one of our investigators said her first prayer. We were so happy. It is really cool to see your investigators start to change. You come to love your investigators so much that anything that brings them closer just feels you with joy. We were really happy.

But yes that's it for this week. A lot I know, but hey long letters are good right? So, what's the morale for the YM who might be serving in Asia? One thing: "know Anime" J/K but hey it might help.

Anyways I love you all see you all next week!
하켄 장로

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