Thursday, April 1, 2010

04/01/2010 : Elder Harken's First Baptism


So this week...AMAZING. This week we didn't hit our goal of 20 lessons again (we got 15 >_>) but that's okay we worked hard and we had fun. Words cannot describe how much joy I feel right now of how I feel stastified with our work this week. Since I've been in Masan with Elder Grover we are never ceasing to stop working. We love it. This week I have one thing to tell:

So, this week me and Elder Grover learned that the Lord will guide you to people and send people to you when they are ready. Last week I talked about Kwack Teh Soo saying he was our best investigator. At the beginning of the transfer we made a goal to have him baptised by 4/3/2010. We prayed about it and we got an answer saying "yes."

So Elder Grover and I were really excited about it. So we really focused on (along with other investigators) Kwack Teh Soo alot and than asked him to for baptism last Saturday.... He declined the offer saying that he felt in it's head and not in his heart (even after praying.) Also he said that his parents didn't wanting to go to church anymore so it would be harder for him to come to church for awhile. So he wants to learn a lot before he will get baptized. Elder Grover and I were SO discourage, we kind of that night were going "Did we do something wrong?" It weighed heavily on our minds all night.

Now the next morning we had another appointment after church to meet with another man Hwang Young Man, we had sort of focus with him (he's the one that came to church on Stake Conference in full suit attire.) For the last few weeks he's been coming to church regualry without being asked and we were going to teach about the 3rd lesson (Gospel of Christ.) Elder Grover and I were wondering for how well he was progressing if we should ask him for a baptism. After Kwack Teh Soo reply we were very hestiant about it. We talked to our District Leader and Zone Leader about it, all three agree we should ask him to baptism. After a bit of thinking Elder Grover and I thought it would be a bad idea.

So next day comes (Sunday) we were 5 minutes late to church (had a whoops at the house.) Yeong Man was already at church (full suit attire) talking and making friends with memebers already! So church goes by he stayed for all 3 hours. Afterwards we had P&J Sandwhichs with him and started to talk about the gospel. I explained alittle bit of sacrament to him and he asked why would took it after baptism. We talked for a bit about it and Elder Grover asks "What do you think about Baptism?" He replied with "I want to be baptized in this church." Without being asked he asked for it. Elder Grover and I cried right there (were babies we know.)

The story does not end there. We had a date for 4/10/2010 but with spirtual guidance we felt to change the date to 4/3/2010. The Lord confirmed the date but he didn't say to whom. Also we were about to teach him about law of tithing and word of wisdom and he replies "I already know about them and I accept them." I never believed in Golden investigators....but now I do. We've only met with him for 2 weeks and he's already ready to be baptized. Family, Elder Grover and I agree, we do not deserve such an honor from the Lord. We are being blessed by the Lord so much. We've taught him "ok" but really it was the spirit that taught him not us. Family I cannot describe in words of the Joy that I have felt this week. I feel as if the desire in my heart that has bugged me for years is gone. I feel so happy. Happy days right? The Lord really does put forth miracles when we do his will. I've learned that this week. Miracles do happen family. There's alot more to the story that I haven't told I'll tell you at mother's day (or when we do it I'm not sure) for words fail me to write.

So talk about a crazy week huh? So this Saturday he will be baptized around 6:00 Elder Grover and I are really excited. Now I know you are all wondering if I will be the one doing it. My reply: Probably not (I think Elder Grover will, and I think it's perfect!) But it does not matter. It's what he wants not ours, I'm just grateful the Lord let us find and help him come unto him. The exciting thing is that the family is showing signs of liking and he wants them to join the church too. This man is AMAZING. He truly is a ready person. But yeah w00t! Pictures next week :D

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  1. What an amazing story! (The pictures are gorgeous!)