Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey family!

Well sorry for the short letter last week this one might be short to due to time. So you are all wondering about how the baptism went. Well as I said 4 times. But I have an excuse, you see I said the prayer correct each time (so proud of that) but Korean Baptism fonts are TINY!!!! They sometimes don't come to our knees. ;-; So you really have to dunk them. Yeong Man would not bend his knees so they would come up and I'd have to do it again. On the third try I accidentally bonked his head on the bar D:!!!! Ouch. He didn't mind he didn't know. So finally on the 4th try I got us on our knees to do the baptism and it was a success. Doing a baptism is hard work. Afterward he gave me a towel and said "This is for you to remember me and this towel is for me to remember you (and Grover) bringing this (Gospel) to me." Pretty cool.

So last week was cherry blossom season. Remember last year my first P-Day? Same place different people. It was a lot of fun and we took a lot of pics as you could see. So we got really late so I didn't have time to write.

Also last Friday was transfer calls...oops sorry forgot to tell you. But nothing changed for our district except two new missionary sisters are coming. But right now our whole district is furious with our AP's. You see our success last transfer was because district worked hard and played well we were told were the best zone last transfer. But without even telling us they split our district to be an experiment. Now, we wouldn't complain but me and Elder Grover (Masan) got kind of thrown into the garbage can. We have sisters but they are in another district and the district were in is two hours away from us and is kind of pointless to be in that district (not effective). Our Zone Leaders are mad it's really bad. But we've talked about all night and we are going to try to make it work. (Even though were not happy about.) Kind of bites what can we say?

Well this transfer Elder Grover and I have big plans for Masan. We are going to prove that it is possible to get the same kind of stats that American Missionaries get. In translation: we are going to be very busy this transfer.

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