Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey family,

I'm really short on time today so this might be another short one for this week. All is good here, still working our rears off right now. So happy days right? Today I'm in a place called. 밀양 *MirYang* were going to go hiking and see cool things so I'm excited! :D Nothing really big this week we just started the big plan by President Monson called "To the Rescue" were arll really excited for it becasue we've heard it has had a lot of success. So were hoping over here it will do well.

Had Zone Conference this week and it was good President talked about the plan to us and how we as missionaries can help the ward make it happen.So now we hope to get those awesome 20 lessons for sure now. :D W00t!

About Mothers Day You have all not mention to me WHEN I SHOULD CALL. I need a time frame that I can call. I can make any time work IF YOU TELL ME NOW. I'm meeting with President next friday so I need to know next email. So please tell me the time you all want and I'll make it happen. President is really nice about giving special permission for specific things like this. Think it over and tell me next email ;)

Now you are all curious about the hair...well maybe dad is >.> hopefully you'll see the pictures I'm sending this week. Our "split" district loved each other so much that we decided to make a family picture :D yeah were that corny XD It looks great. Cost me 15,000 원 but worth it. See for yourself. From the bottom left: Sister Patterson (New), Elder Choi (Zone Leader), Elder Grover (My Comp), Elder Seal, Elder Rockwood (Our old DL *Silver suit*) Elder Kim (Zone Leader American-Korean), Sister Cranmer (New), Elder Heaton *sitting down* (DL now also was trained by my trainer Sinden) Elder Morrow (Yellow fever man) Sister Park (She's techinically my "step mother") don't ask me how it works by letter its complicated. :| and Sister Ogilvie. The funny thing is that it was my idea to do this. :D 4 of the members didn't want to pay so yeah no pics for them. :P The one thing is that they photoshopped my freckles out D:!!! But yeah enjoy.

Our Recent Convert is doing great. Were trying to meet with him but he gets busy with his job. So we meet when we can. He's the boss of his work he has a really good little business it's really cool. He took us on tour once it was really cool. Were still trying to meet with his family but trying to do so withou being 부담. Our other investigator are doing well. One's really close to coming unto Christ he's really close he just needs to decide if it's true or not.
That's what's happening this week now unto:

Funny Stories of the Week:

Each week I'll try to tell one funny thing that happen to me and Elder Grover. (trust me we have a few) Enjoy:

Last P-Day: After I wrote you all we went to a place called City 7 (or city 17 dad, haha bad joke) It's a huge mall....of clothes.....and art. So we went to an art show...wow. I didn't know they were so....unqiue. The pictures describe my thoughts. Also this guy drew all these famous pictures with the Smurfs. It was really strange but I guess people are into that so cool. Just the pictures will show you our adventure.

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