Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey family!

Welcome back to the wonderful Monday p-day. Hopefully you all like having it on Monday again...or not. D: Well I sort of gave you the weeks detail last email so this will be brief I guess.

I did go out as I said and bought music....in fact a lot of music D: 60,000 W ($50) worth D: And....I can't listen to any of it till after my mission XD be prepared by mail. ;)

A lot of you have been curious of WHY we did this whole Thursday P-day and switch it back to Monday sort of thing. Well back when I was the secretary all the other missions had a meeting on Monday for president and recommended that he switch the pday as well. We all thought it be good but, it sort of cause a lot more problems. We had to change the flight times for the returning missionaries, transfer day was different, and a lot of missionaries would have to change their schedules for the new pday. So recently the area presidency came down and told all the missions that they needed to change their p-days back to Mondays. So we did and hence here we are. Now this rises the question does this mean I still come home on a Saturday or not? The answer: Don't care. ;)

Masan continues to do well, we have a bunch of investigators now due to exam season is finally over. I have president interviews this Wednesday always a fun thing. Looking at our schedule we are going to be really busy this week....well I hope we are. :D We're looking at least 25 lessons this week if we are diligent. Elder Grover continue to try to work and play the mediator with our district. (he's the DL) So we have to help each other or we both get tired very quickly. (We almost always fall asleep at 10:30 these days.

That's happening to us. oh yeah funny moment: You all remember Yu-Gi-Oh right? Well little kids here (including teenagers) love this game....and they have now gotten my companion addicted that he has bought a deck and duels kids on the street. (works too!) The sad thing is that I have to teach him because he's a rookie and I once played the game...I'm such a bad influence. XD

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