Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey family!

Wow today I'm afraid I have to be pretty short BUT I'll leave a lot of pics explaining my self of why this is. I just got here about 30 minutes ago so I have to be quick. So yeah 5 weeks are about up so it's time for transfer calls this Thursday! This one is pretty intense because we have 14 elders coming! ....Yeah I'm in trouble, now if you're wondering what are my thoughts about it...it's mixed. One side is that I get to do what I always dreamed of doing training...however Elder Harken is very horrified at the same time of training because he fears his Korean will not stand up to what it takes....but I think I'd be holding on to the spirit for the next transfer....

HOWEVER!!! I don't know yet, I may, I may not we're not sure everyone is presuming right now...don't like that. So if it does I'll let you know don't cross your fingers. XP

Work continues to go forth we are back to 3 baptism dates. All three are progressing really well we are just having a hard time getting them to church...they're pretty far out. So we continue to work and I've met so really cool and spiritual people. Kind of a cool story: one of our investigators gave up coffee after hearing the word of wisdom lesson it was really cool!

The house is really hot at night....It's like camping :D....kind of.

I must leave but I leave pics

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