Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey family!

Wow guys it's been a week for craziness. I can I feel really humbled when it comes to becoming a Senior. It's hard work! But it teaches you to stop relying on your own strength and really go for the Lords strength. Elder 김유진 has got to be one of my favorite companions so far! This guy is awesome! He is full of spiritual power and is THE MAN! This Elder is full of awesomeness :D He wants to work hard and sets the high example of being a good missionary. Something I need to work on myself.

The area here in 대명 is really nice....but really HOT! Apparently Daegu (the main city name) is the hottest area in all of Korea. So, missionaries serve here are the survivors as they are called. I like this area a lot, it's a mix of Country and BIG City! Right now, Elder Kim and I have been hard at work to find people on the street. All of our investigators that we have, have not been really available for meeting this week so, we decided to really make an effort to find people on the street.

It is a little difficult to do for a little bit, but with Elder Kim we make it fun. Something funny for him is that people think he is a foreigner and every time will say "Oh your Korean is really good!" This makes him very frustrated, but he knows how to use it for his advantage. He's a really nice guy and really wants to serve the Lord with all his heart. It's helped me as well to really do my best at keeping all the rules 100% (Working out in the morning is really hard lately) But I'm trying to be better.

Yesterday I met my ward, they are really nice! Our bishop was one of the main people who helped translate the Book of Mormon when it first was published into Korean! They are all really nice and I'm excited to get to work with them this transfer! I have about 65 members in the ward so I have a lot of memorizing to do. :D

I feel really good about this new area and I have a new jump start with Elder Kim a spark to really push myself harder then before that I have no regrets. It's been really a great experience to feel that rejuvenation.

Last week I actually had to go down to Busan because Elder Kim had to go to a military training (required for Korean Men) for a day. So....they put me at the HQ for a day. ..I've never seen people jump for me happily...it was scary. But I can say now that I'm glad I'm in the field than at a desk.

Well I must leave
Love you all,
Elder Harken

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