Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 13 in Korea

Hello family and friends!

Wow, talk about your week about news!

So yeah, here in Korea we heard that MJ died of a Heart Attack. One of my investigators sent me a text saying this "Harken! News! Michael Jackson dead! Cardiac Arrest!" Me and my companion were like WHAT?!?! Very shocking, but Thriller will always be in my heart forever...

Anyways, yes. I'm doing great this week compared to my last letter. I feel I didn't give my new companion a great welcome. Let's try this again shall we? May I present ELDER BALLAM! Who is from Logan, Utah. This young man has three younger brothers, and loves Batman Dark Knight and Whose line is it anyway. He's been serving for 8 months in Korea. I'm his first Jr. Companion. Kind of funny, but he served with Elder Shumway. Now for any of you that don't know the story, apparently I have a blog being made by my sis, this idea came from the Elder Shumway blog (same idea) When I told Elder Ballam he called and Shumway was like What?! It was funny. But yeah a really good missionary I like him.

This week we did a lot of "Building Relationship Trust" because he's new down here I get to show him around. It's fun.
Our investigators are doing great, all are progressing. I have now the responsibility of contacting one of them at night. Even though I lack Korean XD. I just request you pray for them. :)

Oh last week we moved! I failed to mention this sorry D: It took all day and the house is sweet. There is a catch to the house...we can't see Japan anymore :( but the house is way better than before.

But yes. That's all for this week.

Love you all talk to you next week Happy 4th of July folks!
Elder Harken

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