Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 14 in Korea

Hello family and friends!

How's it going for everyone? Hope you all had a great 4th of July in America. Here in Korea we sang Star Spangled Banner. Yep we love America still over here. ^^

So, yes this week went really fast for us this week. I mean we're already starting our 3rd week this transfer...hmmm and I still don't know Korean...this could be trouble.

Anyways, this week Elder Ballam and I were on FIRE! We've been doing a lot of searching and we've gotten over 20 contacts to try this week and this isn't including our numbers from last week! Elder Ballam is an amazing Missionary. He's just shy to not say anything. Plus he's really tall! So, you got this 5'8 Elder and this 6'4 (I think) Elder It's really funny.

Our investigators are doing really well, one of them now does a sort of a pen write with me. We write back and forth seeing if we can understand the other. She's very funny to write too. XD

But yeah, that's really all for this week. So...yeah does anyone have any questions about anything? I know I don't tell a lot about Korea it's because I fail at finding things unique until someone asks. >.<

Well, that's all love you all!
Elder Harken

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