Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 15 in Korea

Hey family and friends,
I blinked...what happened? This week went fast...REALLY fast. A little scary. I don't like it.
Ok this week was really good. Sorry for the short delay on the letter, we went off to go play with a bunch of missionaries to play soccer so we sort of took off. I got a few letters done letter didn't want to rush it you know. Anyways :D

The weather I feel is sort of like South Carolina with Utah's behavior... The humidity and the random weather changes. It gets intense some days. Hehe but don't sweat it I have a good umbrella so I'm good. The only thing I have to manage through is my shoes. Because I have been wearing the same shoes for 6 months the bottoms have worn through so...just look at the pic you'll see. XD Yeah kind of scary. D:

Some of you have requested what is our routine here in 영도, well the truth is: as missionaries we don't have one. But this is sort of our schedule. 6:30 we wake up...or try to XD until 7 we exercise, 7-8 we eat breakfast, 8-9 Personal Study where we study by ourselves, 9-10 Companionship study: Where we teach with our companion what we learned and any discussions, 10-10:30 Study Korean, 10:30 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. Appointments and 정도. From 9:30-10 Plan for the next day, 10-10:30 get ready for bed, 10:30 sleep. That's a sketch of an idea for our routine. Fun yes? I love it!

Investigators: All are doing well, been working hard at work with them, keep praying for them and for me and Elder Ballam trust me, we can get all that we can from you guys.

Funny Stories: Well I don't know if this is funny or not, but this week for the first time...I ate a dog. Yeah... the scary was good! O_O
Another story: We were door knocking and one lady answered the door and we sat there at the door for over an hour talking about the church.

Oh hear is a good one, So on Tuesday we had to head to President Jennings for a Zone Conference, now it takes about an hour to get there from here. So we decided to leave around 8. That day it rained HARD. Like it looked like a flash flood hit us. The weather and the traffic were so bad we finally got there around 10:30! It took us forever. The pic shows a little justice. We saw water drains shooting up like 2 feet of water in the air. We wish we got it on camera but we couldn't get them in time with the bus.

I like to say this transfer is going a lot faster than any of my other transfers...I don't like it. This means one thing...I need to work faster.

But yes, fun week. As always, everyone at home: Work Hard, Do not Complain, Work Hard.

Love you all see you next week
하켄 장로

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