Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey family!

Hey, thanks for all your comforting letters about my transfer, it was really hard to leave but it felt like the area was in good hands. Ironic how Mike had a similar story like mine. When I went to Masan we had a huge wall between the members and us due to old missionaries of the past. It took me and Elder Grover 3 transfers to get it better in fact me and Elder Grover got the first baptism for that ward for 1-2 years. When we both got the calls saying that our area was going to the sisters. Our Bishop nearly called President Jennings to see what was going on. Lucky for president we convinced him to call the AP's for specifics. I don't worry about the ward but I do miss them.

So yes new area! 경산! It's HOT! It feels like South Carolina over again. So it's not the worst but I've been sweating a lot...and I don't sweat. :O But I really like the area it's got a lot of nice people! Not to mention our branch, they are really cool! The branch president is a retired grandpa and he is the sweetest man I've ever met. The whole branch welcomed me with welcome arms and so I hope that I don't let them down. The house I live in (yes house or part of a house) is the smallest house I've ever lived in! I'll send some pics next week. (I forgot my plug in for my SD >.>) But I have to lovely fans to help me out at night. There are a BAZILLION Universities here! It's tight! Lot of cool people! :D One thing that is really nice up here in the city Daegu (that's what the big city is called) the people here are REALLY nice. When we say to people on the street they always say hi back and smile. In Busan they ignore you or say other lovely things. >_> But I like up here even in the hot summer.

Elder Kaing is an amazing missionary! He's two transfers behind me but is more righteous and burning missionary than I will ever be. He's actually a Recent Convert back in 2007! He's really cool, and loves to dance. If you guys could meet him, some of you would say we act together like me and An-d act around with each other. He's a lot of fun, the area is really cool and we've got a lot of potential investigators. Elder Kaing is the King at tracting so he got over 100 contacts last transfer D:! That is a lot! AND he contacts them! He's got something around that sort of fills me up with hype of "Lets do missionary work!" So I think it will be a good transfer.

But yeah, I'm doing okay now about the transfer, it feels right that I'm suppose to be here. Plus I get to ride a bike :D I can say I'm one of the few who in the mission who has to know the rules for Walking, driving a car, and riding a bike. It's pretty rare to have all 3. It will be fun here. On a sad note last Thursday I watched my sisters that came with me into the MTC die. I got to say goodbye to them and said to keep in touch. I have now one sister left from the MTC 정민희, after that...yeah. >_> I hate the feeling right now. But yeah, 12 transfers folks.. D: Really a mission goes a lot faster than you think. I remember thinking it was yesterday I left you guys at the MTC with my thumbs up.

Kind of right now I've been thinking a lot of "Have I changed?" I've come to the conclusion of yes. I won't tell you what I've changed yet. You'll have to wait. I hope you guys have seen a change too I hope not to be the same ol' Harken when I get back but a better person (with his personality and likings) I think I'm going through missionary syndrome.... BUT on the bright side I still want to be a great missionary and I still have a LOOOOONG time before I'm done. I can proudly say I STILL don't want to come home. I intend to keep that going till the day I have to come home....maybe longer.

Well that's all for this week, hopefully the long letter will make you all happy about the no pics this week. (Sorry about that, I have to go buy a new one due to the new SD card I have is an SD HC) Elder Kaing has an extra so I'm going to try to buy it from him.

For everyone curiosity here's how the life span goes for the Busan Mission.

(6 weeks make 1 transfer)
Foreigners (*sigh* it's easier to spell it in Korean): 16 transfers
Koreans: 17 transfers, because they only have to go to the MTC for 3 weeks compared to the 3 months.

Foreigners 12/13 transfers
Korean 13/14 transfers (pending on the sister)

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