Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So I'm hot and you are hot....I think we can feel each others pain. Except mine is like South Carolina XD

So this week went really fast didn't it? I was really surprised, but was really good. In fact, we have a baptism this Sunday! Before I came in there was a guy the missionaries were working with and now decided he want to receive baptism. He's really cool he works at a karaoke and comes to church even though he gets off work at 3:00 am on Sunday! This guy is awesome.

We also have 2 really progressing investigators. One speaks really good English 형절 and the other is a hair salon 김정황. Both are really progressing and have a lot of potential this transfer so me and Elder Kaing are really trying to help them out.

Also Daegu and the branch are really fun. The ward is small but really funny our Branch President is so funny. I also last Sunday I had to give a talk. -.-; That was fun >_> it was just funny cause I had a prompting feeling to bring with me one of my old talks from my other that I had to give and I got asked to give one. Happy days.

About pictures...um I got the usb thing I need...however the computers that I use for some reason will not read the usb so I can't get pics on. *Bangs head on table* very frustrating. Please be patient I am really trying to get them to you guys I want you to get them.

So some cool things in the mission is going on, in fact worldwide. They are changing the whole mission structure again! It's like when the Preach My Gospel came out. All our Zone Leaders and District leaders went to a 3 day meeting and they all came back pumped in fact baptism rate has actually gone up a lot! I talked to one of the Zone leaders and this Wednesday we learn of what's going on. Very exciting.

Also I got a new joke for myself, I have now been considered to look like the guy on "Twilight" ...I think I need to get a haircut. (It's not that long, I swear! D:)

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